Supporting Students with an ASD in Mainstream Primary Schools

A 5 week course to enable staff in schools to understand ASD and develop effective support strategies
Week 1 - What is ASD? - Sharing our experiences of ASD
Week 2 - Theories linked to autism: personal experiences and sensory sensitivities
Week 3 - Communication: strategies to assist
Week 4 – Approaches and strategies
Week 5 – Managing behaviour, emotional and anxiety difficulties with students with ASD
Impact Statement
ASD Pupils:
  • Will be provided with appropriate strategies and support to assist their inclusion, interaction and access to all areas of the curriculum
  • Will have a deeper understanding of autism and how it affects children and their families
  • Will be equipped with a range of strategies to support children with autism in mainstream primary schools
  • Will have staff who have a greater understanding of best practice in relation to children with autism as well as the sensory difficulties they experience which can affect their ability to be included

Staff supporting students with an ASD in primary schools: SENCO/Teachers and Teaching Assistants