Educational Inclusion – Providing Effective Learning Opportunities for Pupils

NQTs will be given an introduction to the local and national context for inclusion, including legislation such as the Disability Discrimination Act and the opportunity to explore what inclusion means within their setting. NQTs will be introduced to a range of materials to support the development of inclusive practice, including personalising provision, the National Curriculum Inclusion Statement and examples of good practice.
Impact Statement
  • Will benefit from increased access and appropriately resourced learning
  • Will have an updated knowledge of legislation
  • Will develop an understanding of inclusive classroom practice and make reasonable adjustments to increase access
  • Will have a better understanding of their role and responsibilities relating to inclusion
  • Will benefit from wider use of available resources to enhance provision
  • Will have established systems to increase access

Primary & EYFS NQTs

12th November 2019 (1:00pm - 4:00pm)
The Professional Development Centre (PDC), 1 Waterdale Road, London SE2 0XT (only disabled parking available on-site)
Leading Practitioners from Support Team for Education in Primary Schools
£60 (non RBG school £70)
Primary & EYFS £420 for entire package or £60 per session (non RBG school £440 for package or £70 per session)
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