Attention Autism Training (Stages 1 - 4)

  • The practicalities of an intervention that is motivating for both adults and children
  • The methodology and practice that underpins the intervention
  • Demonstration of the techniques in action
  • Using film footage, examples of each stage of the programme in action with children
  • Strategies for individualising the intervention
  • Differentiating targets within a group setting to meet individual needs

Please note that due to the recent changes ALL schools and settings in Greenwich are required to have at least ONE member of staff who has completed this training before implementing the intervention and ONLY fully trained staff members can deliver it.
Impact Statement
  • will be supported to develop their attention. communication and interaction skills through a fun and motivating intervention
Staff will have an understanding of how to:
  • engage children with autism
  • teach children with autism to focus, sustain and shift their attention
  • teach, encourage and support communication
  • foster group learning skills
  • embed early social interaction skills into group work
  • set up and run the intervention with groups of children

Setting will have confident and fluent use of:
  • dynamic visually supported communication skills
  • adapted and modified language to increase understanding and spontaneous expressive communication
  • engagement as a fundamental technique for tackling behaviour problems
  • techniques that encourage children to develop self regulation skills
  • demonstration and modelling
  • delivery of activities that inspire children’s attention and motivate communication
  • techniques and activities that target individual and curriculum objectives


Staff working at DSPs & Staff supporting Autistic children in Early Years