Apprenticeships PLUS Programme
Apprenticeships can be transformative for learners, offering real work experience alongside training to develop the right skills for their chosen field. Schools use apprenticeships to support recruitment, retention, succession and progression planning. Many have told us they benefit from an injection of fresh ideas and the opportunity to nurture talented staff, familiar with their own school’s values.

Our dedicated and experienced team can support apprenticeships in schools at every stage, from planning the roles, identifying the right candidates, onto securing progression. Apprenticeships Plus Programmes are available for a wide range of levels and roles with specialist courses designed specifically for the school workforce.

How can we help you?

  • ApprenticeshipPLUS for Schools
    • The ApprenticeshipsPLUS team work closely with school leaders to ensure learning opportunities are closely tailored to meet the needs of both learners and schools. Throughout our induction, work experience and apprenticeships, we provide fantastic wraparound support. We ensure additional needs are identified early and addressed so that learners progress well, achieve their potential and move on to higher education or employment.
    • The plus in Apprenticeshipsplus represents the additional support and enrichment opportunities provided for apprentices alongside their course, at no additional cost to schools. Every term we offer mentor network twilight meetings for students and their mentors. These facilitated sessions enable mentors and mentees to look together at different ways of working, that will enhance their relationship and further support the apprentice in their workplace and with their study
    • Enrichment opportunities include speakers from across the local authority and 3rd sector partners, and are designed to meet the identified needs of learners. This term we have been able to offer an Art Therapy short course and a workshop from our SEND department, providing learners with specialist skills to support pupils in their learning at school
  • ApprenticeshipPLUS


Training and support is fully funded via the apprenticeship Levy


Geraldine Turton
Training and Development Manager
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