Energy Procurement and Sustainability
In partnership with LASER – Kent County Council’s commercial trading service.

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Energy procurement offer a service that is designed to meet the needs of schools and children’s centres for both energy management and procurement.

How can we help you?

  • Energy Monitoring and Reporting (Mandatory Service). S&R provides a range of energy management and carbon reduction advice services to support schools, including:
    • Collating schools energy consumption data to comply with Greenhouse Gas reporting requirements
    • Arranging Display Energy Certificates (a legal requirement), through an external contract and providing the required consumption data
    • Providing advice and support to improve energy efficiency; generating cost savings and reducing CO2 emissions
    • Access to the RE:FIT programme, including management & Co-ordination support
    • Identifying funding opportunities and assisting with preparation of bid submissions
  • Energy Procurement and Invoicing
    • The Royal Borough procures its energy through the Central Purchasing Body LASER, whose flexible procurement approach offers an advanced means with which to control the risk inherent in the energy market, whilst also achieving greater leverage with suppliers and more competitive unit rates by aggregating energy volume requirements.
    • The current LASER energy contract runs until 30 September 2020, and has invited all schools to opt in to this arrangement.
    • Supplies procured by LASER are either placed into a Fully Managed (FM) or Procurement Only Service Option (POSO) arrangement. The decision on which procurement arrangement to place a supply in to is based on consumption – with larger consuming supplies benefitting from the additional invoice validation that the Fully Managed service provides. The additional fee charged for this service is offset against the savings generated from the identification and resolution of billing errors. Both options provide:
    • The arrangement of energy contracts
    • Assistance in establishing new sites, meters, disconnections & supply transfers
    • Liaison with suppliers including dispute and query resolution
    • Schools that have opted into the Council’s contract arrangement with LASER also benefit from:
    • Arrangement of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) devices to all eligible gas and electricity supplies to ensure accurate billing and monitoring for electricity, gas and water consumption.
    • Meter reading reminders for procurement only customers, to ensure that schools only pay for the energy they use and are not billed on estimated readings. Meter readings should be sent to:
    • Access to the Council’s Energy Management Software for active consumption monitoring and forecasting.
    • The initiation and resolution of queries and disputes with energy suppliers, where required.
  • RE:FIT Energy performance programme
    • RE:FIT London is the award-winning and tried and tested programme to help make London’s non-domestic public buildings and assets more energy efficient. Established in 2009, the programme not only reduces carbon emissions, but also results in large guaranteed cost savings for the public sector. RBG and RE:FIT can help your school:
    • Identify and guarantee cost savings
    • Acquire interest free loans to fund measures
    • Improve comfort and enhance the learning
    • Reduce GHG emissions and improve air quality
  • Energy conservation measures implemented:
    • Lighting replacement and upgrade, including LED lights and automatic occupancy controls
    • Electronic descaling of hot water system
    • Optimisation of the building management system
    • Insulation of valves and pipes in the plant room
    • Refrigeration motor control
    • Programmable electronic thermostatic radiator valves throughout the school
    • Temperature and time controls for heaters


current LASER framework will expire on 30 September 2020. Currently, Royal Greenwich is analysing all market options, including the 2020-2024 LASER framework

prior to expiry in September 2020, Royal Greenwich will inform schools of the new energy procurement option available

Visit RE:FIT for further information

All schools have already been contacted about whether they wish to continue with LASER for their energy procurement. Unless you have not yet returned your confirmation form you do not need to do anything.


Energy Procurement Contact
Tharinda Jagathsiri
Resources Team Leader
020 8921 5389

RE:FIT Contact
Sustainability Team
020 8921 5380