Human Resources Service - Maintained Schools

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  • Traded Service - Level 1
    • Provision of a comprehensive annual HR health check of your school that identifies areas of best practice and risk, and provides clear recommendations
    • Provision of model procedures, relating to recruitment and selection, capability, discipline, grievance, redundancy, and sickness absence management
    • Provision of advice and guidance relating to pay and conditions of employment for all categories of staff including implementation of national and local government regulations and formation of contracts of employment
    • Telephone advice and support on the implementation of the school’s capability, disciplinary, grievance and attendance management procedures including investigation and attendance at formal hearings/meetings
    • Provision of statutory and procedural advice and support in relation to redundancy processes
    • Telephone advice and support on all issues relating to employment tribunals including access to specialist legal advisors and national/regional employer advisory bodies
  • Traded Service - Level 2
    • Headteacher recruitment: A comprehensive package that supports the attraction and selection for Headteacher recruitment
    • Workplace mediation: A voluntary and confidential process for resolving workplace differences and disputes between colleagues through the assistance of trained and accredited mediators
    • Bespoke training: Provision of training to suit specific school needs i.e. policy workshops for Senior Leaders and Governing Bodies and access to half day workshops on model procedures and provision of tailored consultancy


Level 1
Charges are based on the number of staff working at each school at a fixed rate of £55.00 per head. Note there is a 7.5% fee reduction for Special Schools and Nurseries.

Level 2
Includes all Level 1 services plus additional Headteacher recruitment, training, consultancy and mediation tailored to suit your needs

  • Headteacher recruitment. Attraction and selection campaign from £4500, or £6500 for an all inclusive campaign
  • Half day workshops on model procedures: £40 per delegate
  • Mediation: Charged at a daily rate of £500
  • Bespoke training on HR Issues: Charged at £100 per hour or £300 for a half day
  • Consultancy charged at an hourly rate of £70 or £350 for a full day
  • Compilation of schools specific data e.g. TUPE transfers (where the school also buy into payroll): £50 per employee
  • Contracts: Issuing of contracts is a school responsibility but we can provide this service at a cost of £50 per draft contract. Additional, specialist advice on the development of new or tailoring of existing employment contracts, will be charged at an additional cost of £50 per contract
  • Settlement Agreements: Payment of the legal fees and the processing of the special payment

Costs for Opted Out Schools
These costs will be applied where schools do not opt for our traded service, or where there is a failure to comply with our advice and instructions, when buying into our traded service.

  • £600 for the compilation of school specific data i.e. School Workforce Census
  • £250 for the completion of a compromise settlement agreement excluding payment of legal fees
  • Issuing of contracts is a school responsibility but we would charge £100 per contract to provide relevant support and drafting
  • £100 per delegate to attend half day workshops on model procedures
  • £70 for each post evaluated under The Greater London Provincial Council Scheme
  • Where the above do not apply charges will be applied to schools for any obligatory work undertaken at a standard consultancy rate of £100 per hour.


Stacey Bailey
Deputy Head of HR
020 8921 8894

Louise Richardson
HR Manager
020 8921 8259