Occupational Health, Safety & Wellbeing Service - Academies, colleges and other non-maintained establishments

How can we help you?

    • Access to high quality advice from professional Health, Safety & Wellbeing Officers, provided by telephone, email or visits as appropriate
    • Provision of a template Health, Safety & Wellbeing Management system that includes health, safety and wellbeing procedures, guidance notes and example risk assessments which may be adopted by your establishment
    • Access to dedicated health, safety & wellbeing website. The site can be accessed at www.royalgreenwich.gov.uk/schoolshealthandsafety. The website contains information about the Occupational Health Service Provider (Health Management Ltd) and access to the online user guide, reference manual and associated referral forms
    • There is also information about how to access the confidential Employee Assistance Programme provided by Workplace Options
    • Provision of an annual audit to assess all aspects of the establishment’s health, safety & wellbeing management systems and provision of recommendations with opportunities to discuss successes and areas for development
    • Assistance with accident investigation and support where litigation is probable
    • Arrangements which allow accidents to be reported electronically via our dedicated website
    • Access to the RBG corporate training programme* at competitive rates
    • Liaison with enforcing officers from the HSE and LFEPA
    • Guidance during construction work or other activities taking place on your premises
    • Access to clinical support from Occupational Health Physicians and OH Nurses including OH referrals/ appointments, GP reports, physiotherapy, new starter work health assessment and ill health retirement reports at competitive rates*
    • Access to the Workplace Options - an Assistance Service which offers both telephone support and face-to-face* counselling
    • Priority access to additional consultancy as required e.g. risk assessments, policy reviews or events


Level 1

Includes the services outlined on this page. Charges are based on the number of staff working at each establishment at a fixed rate of £58.00 for each member of staff.

Level 2

Includes all Level 1 services plus H&S
consultancy tailored to suit your needs

Fire safety:

  • A site Fire Risk Assessment £550 - £1200 dependant on size and complexity of the building
  • Completion of Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEPs) - £75 each
Other risk assessments:

Risk assessment can be provided to cover the following common requirements:

  • Manual Handling - £75 per assessment
  • Display Screen Equipment - £55 per assessment
  • New and Expectant Mothers - £55 per assessment

General consultancy:

For general consultancy the hourly rate is £70 capped at £425 per day

* Invoices will be raise separately to cover costs of training courses, OH services used and EAP face to face counselling sessions provided


Diana Howlett
Health Safety and Wellbeing Manager
020 8921 5502

Louise Richardson
HR Manager
020 8921 8259