Legal Services
The service is provided by qualified solicitors, some of whom have many years of experience in advising schools on a wide range of matters, and have a track record of achieving good outcomes for schools. We are committed to providing an excellent legal service to support Headteachers and Governors.

How can we help you?

  • Service
    • We provide a comprehensive, professional and cost effective legal service, whether an individual piece of advice to support a Head Teacher, or a major piece of litigation such as a High Court Judicial Review. We can advise on the following matters:
    • Employment matters and disputes
    • Contract advice and disputes
    • Issues to do with parental responsibility
    • School complaints and appeals
    • Disputes with parents where courts and other solicitors are involved
    • Advice on criminal proceedings and contact with the police
    • Applications for reports from schools and access to documents (sometimes in the context of criminal proceedings and requests from the police)
    • Advice on allegations that a child has been falsely imprisoned through a wrongful detention
    • Requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and Data Protection Act 1998
    • Dealing with intruders on school premises
    • Revoking a parent’s implied licence to enter the school premises
    • Exclusions
    • Disability discrimination disability discrimination claims
    • Debt recovery
    • General litigation
    • Our service does not cover cases where legal advice and representation is available under insurance arrangements, for example claims for negligence against the School. We do not provide advice on contract matters relating to capital expenditure
  • Service Standards
    • We aim to respond to requests for telephone advice the same day, and to provide written advice within 5 days. Where a School is involved in litigation, we will keep to the Court and tribunal time limits and keep you regularly informed of the progression of the case. In some cases it may be necessary to instruct a Barrister to advise or appear on behalf of the School. This decision would always be taken in consultation and agreement with the school and would only be taken where there is a reasonable prospect of success if that course is taken, or where the Council believe there are exceptional circumstances so that instructing a Barrister is necessary. Any dispute as to whether a Barrister should be instructed will be determined by the Director of Children’s Services


The service is offered on an 'all inclusive' basis. All you pay is a standard annual fee, no matter how much the School needs the service. (The fee is based on the number of pupils on roll and averages out at £1.10 per pupil for the year.)

This does not apply to employment matters relating to Academy Schools or the fees for any barristers engaged with the agreement of the school. All barristers fees will be charged to the school.

An invoice will be issued in October and payment should be made within 28 days of the date of the invoice.


Ingrid Brown
Assistant Head of Legal Services
020 8921 5111

Andre DeFreitas
Senior Lawyer Adult and Employment
020 8921 6096

Ronica Best
Senior Lawyer Adult and Employment
020 8921 5169

Cynthia Erove
Contracts Lawyer
020 8921 6271