NQT Recruitment and Induction Service
We are a specialist team offering support for schools and their NQTs from the moment an induction year begins, and throughout the induction period. As Appropriate Body, we have the main responsibility for quality assurance for induction. We support schools in ensuring that they are fulfilling all their duties in relation to induction.

How can we help you?

    • On-going support, guidance and advice (by phone and email) from the experienced borough Induction Co-ordinator
    • Access to an online monitoring tool, NQT Manager, which includes a bank of resources to support the induction process; a user friendly, simple system which records all statutory registration and assessment details
    • Procedures for schools to follow, ensuring compliance with statutory requirements
    • Quality assurance tools provided for schools to evaluate their induction programme
    • Support for struggling NQTs and validation of schools’ assessments
  • Advertising Service


Schools can purchase the Appropriate Body Service Level Agreement (SLA) between £230 and £350 per NQT
per academic year


Daily cost per NQT Induction Advisor £450 (note: all charges are inclusive of administrative costs).

Please note these costs are not related to the NQT Training Programme. Details of this can be found here


Danielle Moore
Schools Recruitment Manager
020 8921 5560