Payroll Services
The Payroll team is able to meet all the payroll service needs of your school. This includes a full systems back up and close links to other council directorates which ensures staff are paid on time, that pay awards are implemented, and statutory and voluntary deductions are made when required. The payroll team will deal with any pay queries from staff and will ensure that these are dealt with quickly and professionally. Our aim is to make sure that you do not have to worry about any aspect of payroll delivery and that schools have confidence in a professional service that will provide all the support you require.

How can we help you?

  • We have a comprehensive service which provides the following:
    • Calculation and payment of pay arrears/awards, occupational/statutory sick pay, occupational/statutory maternity and paternity pay, bonus payments, overtime and expenses
    • Arranging the transfer, via the BACS system, of net pay to each employee’s bank account
    • Organising end of year proceedings in accordance with government legislation and local government policy and procedures
    • Administering the correct application of all government benefit payments
    • Calculation and payments made to the appropriate bodies HMRC, Court Order payments, CSA, Union subs, Child care vouchers and all other deductions made from payroll
    • The facility of having rent/council tax (for properties managed by the Royal Borough of Greenwich), trades unions/credit union fees deducted from employees’ pay
    • Ensuring that payslips are accessible to all employees on a monthly basis detailing a breakdown of their salary
    • Ensuring accurate payments are made to all employees on a monthly basis on the agreed payment date
    • Processing of the school’s master file, plus amendments provided by each school
    • Dealing with written and telephone enquiries, and liaising with external and government bodies in relation to payroll queries
    • Changing employee records and pay as appropriately notified
    • Making monthly/annual returns for employees (Inland Revenue P60, P45, P11Ds, FPS, EPS)
    • Maintaining accurate and auditable records and taxation codes
    • Providing training for new users and refresher training for existing users in the form of group training and small workshops
    • Advising schools of enhancements made to the HRMS
    • Undertaking data quality checks to identify any anomalies and advising schools on appropriate action
    • Providing a range of financial information including standard pay reports, monthly payments of PAYE, NI, pension contributions
    • Administration of the LGPS and Teachers pension schemes
    • System support for users of the People Manager and Employee Self Service modules, including help with logging in, creating new users and removing access to leavers
  • Use of Line Manager Self Service to have:
    • Access to a range of staff data based at the school including emergency contacts and key dates
    • Ability to input absence information and run simple reports to access absence data
    • Receipt of monthly summary absence reports for the purpose of monitoring trends
  • Use of the Employee Self Service module to have:
    • Ability to view personal data
    • Ability to edit address, contacts and sensitive information
    • Access to payslip


For a detailed breakdown of costs please contact the Payroll Team on or any of the contacts below


Kelly Scotford
Head of Payroll, Pension and Financial Systems
020 8921 6949

Sandra Brown
Principal People Centre Officer
020 8921 4955