Responsive and Cyclical Maintenance Service
Property Services is the local authority’s in-house property consultancy for the maintenance of buildings. We take instructions for repairs, give advice and make site inspections to check on works carried out. We monitor our contractors closely to ensure that schools get the best value.

Property Services has teams of building surveyors and service engineers (mechanical and electrical) and specialists who will assess your responsive and cyclical maintenance requirements and engage the most effective contractors to deal with them. We appoint and manage contractors on your behalf, agree invoices and deal with any disputes. We are independent of contractors and monitor their work closely to ensure you receive value for money.

Our contractors hold both local and responsive technical expertise and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year to provide a cost effective, responsive day-today repairs, cyclical maintenance and servicing of plant.

How can we help you?

  • Support
    • Responsive maintenance including day-to-day repairs following breakdown, damage or vandalism
    • Cyclical maintenance including regular servicing of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, alarms and CCTV systems
    • Inspection and testing including, inspection of fixed electrical installations and testing of water systems for Legionella
    • Assessment of faults (conducting site visits where necessary) to identify problems and give advice
    • Operation and administration of the term contracts, processing orders and payments for repairs and cyclical servicing
    • Independent inspection and monitoring to ensure works are carried out correctly, on time and charged as agreed
    • 24/7 emergency breakdown and repair service
  • Heating and ventilation systems
    • Management of the servicing of boilers, burners, heating and hot water plant, ventilation, air conditioning, pressurising units, filters and controls operating this equipment
  • Electrical installations
    • Management of the inspection and testing of lighting, power, wiring, plug sockets, switches, fuses and junction boxes
  • Fabric
    • Repairs to ‘building fabric’ including roof, walls, windows, ceiling, insulation, floors and coverings. It also includes external cladding, water supply, sanitary fittings and elements outside the buildings such as, playgrounds, safety surfaces, fence and shelters
  • Alarm systems
    • Servicing of fire and intruder alarms, including CCTV and access control systems
  • Legionella assessment
    • Management of the treatment of water systems, including tanks


Premier Service Level
The service level cost (£125 per element) is a one-off cost for buying into the Premier Service Level

Element 1 - Heating systems £125
Element 2 - Electrical installations £125
Element 3 - Fabric £125
Element 4 - Alarms systems including CCTV and Fire extinguishers £125
Element 5 - Legionella assessment £125
All Elements £500 (inclusive of £125 discount)
In addition to the above one-off cost, you pay the cost of the works and 25% professional/administration fees on each order.

For those who decide not to buy in to our service, we can provide an emergency service. For this level there is a call-out charge of £100 per occasion, plus an hourly charge for our staff (minimum one hour). The hourly charge is £57 per hour.


For general enquiries
Mark Roomes
Technical Support
020 8921 4702

For technical enquiries
Jules Rutt
Maintenance Manager
020 8921 5563