Virtual School for Looked after Children
Providing leadership to those supporting educational outcomes of the looked after child.

The Virtual School Team is committed to working in partnership with schools to narrow the outcome gap that is seen nationally for Looked After Children (often abbreviated to LAC).

Our dedicated and experienced team work in partnership with schools and all those who affect the education of Looked After Children. We monitor and track individual children and provide guidance on appropriate strategies. We advise and guide on leadership issues, legislation and statutory areas. Our bespoke services support staff to both understand the issues that affect Looked After Children and to develop strategies to support them achieve. Our services are available to any school or organisation that works with Looked After Children.

For more information on Looked After Children please visit Royal Greenwich Looked After Children

How can we help you?

  • Achievement of children and young people
    • Supporting and attending Personal Education Planning meetings
    • Using the data you provide us with to allocate extra tuition or other support in the home
    • Liaising with other boroughs and other agencies to ensure all Looked After Children achieve the best outcomes
    • Working with your designated teacher to ensure Pupil Premium is used on the most effective strategies for individual Looked After Children
    • Supporting young people in care to engage in extra curricular activities
    • Supporting young people in care to have post 16 and post 19 aspirations
  • Improving the quality of teaching
    • Supporting the implementation of whole school teaching strategies for Looked After Children
    • Providing strategies that assist social workers and foster carers in supporting young people with their education
    • Providing training for designated teachers sharing of practice opportunities for all staff working with Looked After Children, for example whole school teaching on attachment and learning
  • Behaviour and safety of young people
    • Providing guidance on exclusions and attendance policies for Looked After Children
    • Providing guidance on supporting individual young people who are struggling with school
  • Leadership and management
    • Supporting strategic development of services for Looked After Children
    • Ensuring governing bodies, Headteachers and designated teachers have a clear understanding of how to meet their statutory responsibilities
    • Linking schools with each other and with external agencies
    • Keeping schools up to date with national developments


Core services, FREE of charge to Royal Borough of Greenwich Schools


Sally Kelly
Head of Inclusion. Headteacher, Royal Borough of Greenwich Virtual School
020 8921 5821