How to support a child or young person in understanding their ASD diagnosis

This course will provide:

  • An understanding of the particular issues in the context of an ASD diagnosis
  • Practitioners with a range of tools to use with students to support them in understanding their diagnosis
  • A forum to discuss anxieties/concerns

Pupils will:

  • understand their diagnosis in a positive way

Staff will:

  • be confident to manage this work and have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience and a range of strategies and resources to draw upon

Schools will:

  • have skilled staff to do this intervention

SENCOs, Teachers, Teaching Assistants and other professionals supporting children with an ASD

Role of SEN Governor and Children Looked After (CLA) Governor

This course will investigate the specific and important role of the SEN and CLA governor ensuring:

  • The legal requirements are in place and are known and understood by all staff and adults working in your school 
  • All SEND and CLA pupils in their school are supported to reach their full potential
  • The SEND and CLA governors have the required skills to challenge: 
    • the outcomes of all SEND and CLA pupils in their school
    • the impact of SEND, CLA and higher needs income spending 

Governors will:

  • have a clear understanding of their role
  • have the knowledge and expertise to hold the school to account for ensuring that the policies and processes are in place and that they are being consistently applied
  • have a good understanding of what they should monitor and challenge and how that is reported back to the full Governing Board
  • have the knowledge to inform their Governing Boards of how the money for SEND and CLA pupils is spent and its impact

All Governors, but especially those with SEN responsibilities

Using iPads/ICT to support Literacy and Social Communication in pupils with ASD and Social Communication Difficulties

A course to:

  • demonstrate to staff ICT based resources to support young people with SEND in their learning
  • provide staff with an opportunity to make their own resources tailor made to support students with a SEND

Pupils will:

  • have stimulating resources to support their learning through ICT

Staff will:

  • be confident in using a range of ICT resources, particularly linked to literacy and numeracy, suitable for students with a SEND

Schools will:

  • have skilled staff, confident in using a range of ICT resources to support students with a SEND

SENCOs/Teachers, Teaching Assistants, and other professionals, supporting children with an ASD

OCR Level 7 Diploma 'Updating Skills'

The course will provide attendants with the latest updates on current standardised tests, test procedures and reporting and provide an opportunity to discuss complex report profiles.

Pupils will:

  • have specific needs identified and learning personalised

Staff will:

  • make better informed assessment decisions and develop a network of local assessors

Establishments will:

  • develop experienced assessors of specific learning difficulties

Staff who have gained the OCR level 7 qualification ‘Assessing and Teaching Learners with Specific Learning Difficulties’

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