*Observation, Planning and Assessment

This course is suitable for all practitioners working with under 5s and is most appropriate to practitioners new to EYFS, practitioners who less confident or experienced or where it is identified as an area of development.
Impact Statement
By the end of the course, you will

  • know the Planning Cycle - how to use observations, planning and assessment to meet children’s needs
  • have suggested formats, how to evaluate planning and assessment formats and ways of explaining why you are doing what you are doing.
  • develop your skills in observing children and look at writing useful observations – what to include and how to assess what this tells you.
  • track learning using observations to build up a picture of a child and to assess what stage of development a child has reached.
  • focus on the EYFS guidance and how to use it including ‘Development Matters’, ‘Early Years Outcomes’ and other non-statutory guidance to support our understanding of child development.


PVIs and Childminders