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  • Thank you for visiting Royal Greenwich Music Hub Services.
  • Please note that due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic the Music Hub is currently operating an ‘online’ service.
  • We will be looking to resume the normal running of our programmes/events as soon as it is safe to do so.
  • In the meantime, we are delivering First Access, The Royal Greenwich Music Centre and The Royal Greenwich Youth Orchestra via online tuition videos.
  • We are looking at other online options that could potentially be offered in place of progression routes, Music Leader network meetings and the Singing Spectacular.
  • As soon as we have further information on this, we will be in touch.
  • Please note our team are still working and available to provide any information needed. Should you have any queries or need to discuss any of our services, please email
  • We wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you all soon.
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  • Introduction
    • The Music Hub provides a range of services through a School Music Agreement. The offer has been extended and enriched this year and includes the following packages (available to schools at both primary and secondary level)
  • First Access
    • A specialist whole class instrumental tuition programme for beginners, targeted at years 3 and 4. Cost: £1600 or £2400 per term, based on recommended 2 or 3 tutor model. A complete yearly course runs for 3 terms. A secondary school package aimed at year 7 students with no previous instrumental experience is also available
  • Second Access
    • Aimed at students in years 4, 5 and 6, who have completed a year of First Access and show musical promise. An in-school progression route focused on small group tuition and ensemble work designed to develop core instrumental skills. Cost: 1 tutor £40ph - minimum 2 hours
  • Specialist Instrumental Music Tuition (SIMT)
    • Stand-alone progression route, catering for individual or small group instrumental tuition on the peripatetic model. Cost: 1 tutor £40ph - minimum 2 hours. Progression route for young musicians showing promise. Cost: Hub tutors £40 per hour
  • School Music Education Plan (SMEP)
    • A fully subsidised visit by members of the Hub management team to discuss aspects of curriculum, planning and delivery. This meeting includes an opportunity to review current Ofsted requirements and developments in music education practice
  • Progression support
    • Schools can contact the Hub at any time to discuss or arrange a free meeting with members of the management team regarding out of school progression programmes. These activities include: The Royal Greenwich Music Centre, Animate Orchestra, The Royal Greenwich Youth Orchestra, and additional partnership projects
  • Performance Opportunities
    • Access to largescale, high profile celebration and performance events. Cost: Typically £200 although cost can vary depending on event
  • Instrumental Loan Service
    • Instruments and instrument sets are available on loan from the Hub with prices varying according to value. Cost for a whole class set: £120 per term
  • Singing support
    • As part of the Hub’s singing strategy, schools can request a fully subsidised support visit from a member of the Hub management team to discuss and advise on aspects of curriculum, delivery and repertoire. Specialist singing tutors are also available upon request


Please contact us to discuss service charges


Laura Baugh
Music Hub Services Manager
020 8921 5639

Sheryl Moss
Finance and Administrative Officer
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