Restorative Approaches and Anti-bullying


Preventing harm and building relationships

A Restorative Approach focuses on repairing the harm done to relationships, placing people at the heart of its response to conflict.  

An evidence-based approach in schools that has been proven to help reduce exclusions, increase feelings of responsibility and empathy and help staff to feel more confident in dealing with conflict.

We can support schools in a number of ways:

  • Direct work supporting parties to repair the damage and move on after individual conflicts
  • Staff training including a basic introduction, full training in restorative facilitation practitioner accreditation and mentoring & network groups for staff who have received training in RA
  • Bespoke advice and guidance on how to use RA as a tool to develop and maintain healthy relationships within a school community
Restorative Facilitation Service

If schools are dealing with complex conflict situations involving multiple pupils, parents and/or members of staff, the restorative facilitation service can help by providing impartial and independent facilitators to support in finding a positive way forward. Using restorative practices, our highly skilled facilitators have the necessary time and experience to dedicate to supporting parties to resolve conflicts and move on

Anti-bullying Initiatives

We provide a range of interventions, including staff training, cyber-bullying workshops, secondary school transition programmes, conferences for children and young people and bespoke support & advice on all issues related to bullying and bullying prevention. We focus our work around key events, like Anti-bullying Week, in November, and Safer Internet Day, in February, to ensure alignment with the national focus and maximum impact

Peer Support Programme

Delivery of a complete peer support programme, including strategic planning with school staff, training sessions and follow up support, which encourages the effective participation of pupils. Our programme can be adapted to fit in with school priorities, focusing on peer mediation and conflict resolution, or peer mentoring, depending on school need


Schools can purchase various fixed packages of support. Please contact us for more details.


Rachel Quine
Restorative Approaches and Anti-Bullying Co-ordinator
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Geraldine Turton
Training and Development Manager
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