Safeguarding Review/Audit Service

We will review all safeguarding procedures and paperwork to make sure you are compliant with Keeping Children Safe in Education, September 2019.

How can we help you?

  • A safeguarding review will:
    • Ensure that your school’s systems are up-to-date and legally compliant
    • Fine-tune systems and procedures to protect your school’s most vulnerable students
  • A bespoke audit will evaluate your safeguarding procedures and practice to ensure that your school is:
    • Providing the highest quality safeguarding for all your children
    • Fully compliant with all your statutory duties and requirements
    • Ready for Ofsted and has evidence of your safeguarding procedures
    • Supported to provide, develop and maintain an ethos that promotes children’s safeguarding and wellbeing
  • This service is also able to produce a comprehensive safeguarding audit report
  • Following audit findings additional support is available from specific teams across Royal Greenwich, if required


Audit and feedback: £500
Safeguarding audit report: £250


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