Governor Services
Governor Services provide high quality professional clerking, crucial to the effective functioning of governing bodies. The Governor Services team help governing bodies to understand their role, function and the legal duties of school leadership and management.

How can we help you?

  • Clerking, Advice and Training
    • The clerking of full governing board meetings - involving planning and preparation of agendas, electronic distribution of papers, production of minutes, national and local updates and follow up action
    • Updates for the governing board on national and local updates through the production and circulation of the Termly Information Paper
    • Support and preparation for Ofsted inspection
    • Advice on governors’ attendance/continued membership of the governing board
    • Attendance of one delegate at the biennial Governors’ Conference
    • Support with the development of the governing board's strategic plan
    • Advice and support on all legal aspects of governance including pupil discipline committees, staff discipline committees and complaint hearings
    • Termly, targeted briefing sessions through the clerks' update at governing board meetings
    • Supply and analyse the governing board skills audit
    • Trained assessor who can provide support to governing boards who wish to either pursue the Governor Mark accreditation or use the materials as a toolkit for self-evaluation
    • Attendance at all training and development courses e.g. induction training for new governors and chairs’ training
  • Service standards and benefits
    • Governor Services aim to secure school improvement through enhancing the quality of governance in schools. This will include provision of high quality support and advice services that incorporate the key values of self-evaluation and improvement.
  • We will provide:
    • A high quality service delivered by trained, experienced clerks with a strong understanding of governing bodies’ operational and strategic needs and enhanced DBS
    • Agendas and minutes to all members of the governing body in an electronic format. Draft minutes from governing body meetings will be sent within a maximum of ten working days
    • A rapid and effective response to all queries
    • A flexible and responsive service which will meet the needs of your governing body with a dedicated support officer who has an understanding and knowledge of your school’s context
    • Comprehensive and high quality Continual Professional Development programme


  • Standard package - Clerking, Advice and Training: £3,400 (RBG schools) £3,740 (non-RBG schools)
  • Advice and Guidance: £850 (RBG schools) £935 (non-RBG schools)
(This support can be purchased where the school has an independent clerk)

Additional Services (can be purchased)

Schools have the opportunity to buy additional services:

  • Bespoke training, 2 hours - £250 (RBG schools) £275 (non-RBG schools)
  • Clerking of extra meeting, including committee, complaints, disciplinary etc. (including preparing and post meeting follow up) - from £200 (RBG schools) £220 (non-RBG schools)
  • Academy Trusts - advice and support for delivering the statutory role of the Trustees including clerking meetings
Where a school has an independent clerk, please contact Governor Services so a bespoke package of support can be tailored to your needs.

If a school doesn't buy into the Standard Package and a governor would like to attend a training course the following charges would apply:

Attendance for one governor at a:
  • 2 hour training session £50 (RBG schools) £70 (non-RBG schools)
  • Full day training session £125 (RBG schools) £155 (non-RBG schools)
  • Conference £125 (RBG schools) £155 (non-RBG schools)


Julie Taylor
Head of School Improvement
020 8921 2793