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Complaints Training for Governors

The course will support Governors to understand their role in managing all complaints and concerns raised about their school. An effective complaints policy that is understood by the school community will help to ensure that any concerns or issues are dealt with effectively and a quick and positive outcome is secured.

This session will include:

  • An overview of policies and guidance
  • Application of the policy across the school community
  • Mechanisms to ensure all staff understand their role within the policy

Governors will:

  • have a good understanding of what a complaint is
  • be confident if asked to investigate a complaint on behalf of the governing board
  • be confident to serve on a complaints panel
  • have a whole school complaints policy which will ensure that all stakeholders are confident that their concerns or complaints will be dealt with sympathetically and fairly
  • confidentially manage any complaints against the governing board

Schools will reduce the risk of: 

  • concerns converting to complaints
  • the need for a panel hearing
  • a DFE review

All Governors

Greenwich Direct Services to Schools
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16th July 2024 (6:00pm - 8:00pm)
Members of the School Improvement Service
£50 for RBG schools
£70 for non-RBG schools

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