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We continue working with schools in order to design and offer a comprehensive programme, and this year, we are pleased to include development opportunities provided by Greenwich School Alliance (GSA), allowing all training, conferences and development opportunities provided by Direct Services and GSA, to be booked via the Direct Services to Schools website.
Please do take a look at our course pages to review and access these opportunities and continue to discuss any further training and development needs with the Direct Services to Schools team.  Most training sessions and all large events are being completed face-to-face,  although we do offer some virtual and blended learning opportunities.  

The service pages outline a range of services that will enhance the outstanding support schools provide to children and young people. Please review these pages to see how we can help.

Many of our services and development programmes can be tailored to suit your school's specific needs, therefore please contact us to discuss any requirements you may have.

Your feedback and knowing that our services meet your individual needs is valuable in ensuring we support your school to continue to nurture and develop our children and young people; therefore if you have any feedback regarding services we provide, that you require, or for general enquiries please complete this feedback form. This will be submitted to Caroline Banin-Taylor,  Head of Direct Services to Schools and can also be accessed via the QR code below.

We look forward to working with you and welcoming you to the PDC soon.

Vicki Cuff

Senior Assistant Director
Inclusion, Learning and Achievement
Children's Services
Royal Borough of Greenwich


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