Following the successful introduction of the Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship we have now grown our provision to offer a wide range of school-based apprenticeships including:

  • Level 2 Customer Service
  • Level 3 Early Years Educator, General or Specialist Teaching Assistants in SEND, PE or the Arts and Business Administration
  • Level 3 with a level 4 accreditation Learning Mentor
  • Level 4 School Business Professional
  • Level 6 Postgraduate Teaching

Apprenticeships are a great way to launch a career, learn key skills and gain the qualifications that employers are looking for.

Our apprenticeship programme provides:

  • Employment in a school for a minimum 30 hours per week over 5 days, with one paid release day to attend college representing the 20% off the job element
  • Apprenticeship course lengths vary from 13 to 18 months depending on the course and level
  • An opportunity to nurture and grow people of all ages to work in schools

For more information or to sign-up for the schools apprenticeship programme, please contact:

T: 020 8921 5560

"The apprentice programme has allowed our school to take on two fantastic people who are eager and keen to work within education. We believe that the creativity we offer and the support we can give will enable us to aid learning, mould understanding and pedagogy and develop strong Teaching Assistants who will support education of the future."
Head of School (Royal Greenwich Primary School)

"We are delighted with this scheme as it enables adults working towards being employed at the end of their programme. They gain a tremendous range of valuable work experience and by attending college will gain a qualification theorising their experience. We are looking forward to employing other LSA Apprentices and sharing Business Apprentices across our partnership of schools."
(School Business Manager -Royal Borough of Greenwich School)

"I have found the apprenticeship to be really helpful in gaining on the job experience and study for a qualification at the same time. I work 1:1 with SEN children and support them in class. I work with KS2 and EYFS which is really good as I get to work with children of different ages. The apprenticeship will allow me to continue to work with children and continue to enjoy my work in schools."
(RBG Apprentice)

"Working as an apprentice TA is a really good experience, especially if you enjoy working with young children. It was a really good choice for me to do the apprenticeship because it has given me the experience and the qualification I need to do what I want in the future."
(RBG Apprentice)
If you are considering an apprenticeship please email us
If you are considering employing an apprentice please email us