Direct Services to Schools

Chairs' Training

This course will cover the effective management of the Governing Board’s work, including:

  • Establishing professional and supportive senior managers
  • Ensuring that all the meetings are run effectively
  • Managing meeting and agenda settings
  • Ensuring the Governing Board is prepared for an Ofsted inspection
  • Developing secure succession planning to ensure business continuity

Chair of Governors will:

  • be able to challenge school performance
  • be fully involved in school Improvement
  • be able to hold strategic and focused meetings
  • be able to ensure that the whole Governing Board becomes an effective and strategic group which robustly holds the school to account at all levels
  • be able to secure an effective professional relationship with leaders at all levels
  • be prepared for an Ofsted inspection

All Chairs, Vice Chairs or Chairs of Committees including Prospective Chairs

Greenwich Direct Services to Schools
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26th June 2024 (9:30am - 3:30pm)
The Professional Development Centre (PDC), (only disabled parking available on-site)
Members of the School Improvement Service
£125 for RBG schools
£155 for non-RBG schools

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