School Business Managers’ Network Meeting

Guest speakers are invited to each session to focus on a particular area of interest previously identified by the group.

Recent sessions have included Managing Well Being in Schools and Developing the School Business Manager role. Relevant updates are also provided from departments within the Royal Borough of Greenwich, such as Human Resources, Payroll and Finance.

Pupils will:

  • attend a school which is effectively resourced

SBMs will:

  • hear from various experts on whichever areas of their work are identified
  • have the opportunity to share best practice, helping them to develop their own practice in school
  • form links and collaborate, ensuring SBMs are more effective in their role

Settings will:

  • have more effective and robust systems in place as a result of SBMs reflecting on models of good practice

School Business Managers

82% of attendees to have completed feedback, would recommend this course.