Managing Challenging Conversations and Conflict

From time to time all staff will be faced by a difficult and demanding parent. From challenging safeguarding decisions, academic results to accusations of bullying some parents can be very intimidating or even aggressive. This course is suitable for anyone (including support and admin staff) from primary, secondary and special school as well as FE colleges and will examine effective ways of handling such situations. This course is suitable for all staff who come into face to face or telephone contact with parents.
Handling violence and aggression in the workplace is easier when you know what to do. Our course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to deal with these situations.


  • Will appreciate what are acceptable and unacceptable levels of behaviour
  • Will identify the causes of anger and aggression in adults
  • Will be able to use body language to gain rapport with difficult people
  • Will be able to apply diffusion techniques
  • Will be able to use effective conflict resolution techniques
  • Will be able to practice assertive communication
  • Will be able to deal with aggression that turns to violence


  • Will have the tools to draw an effective action plan and risk assessment to deal with aggressive adults
  • Will know how to ban verbally and physically aggressive adults from Schools
  • Will feel confident about dealing with anger or aggression in people
All school staff