E-Learning - Autism Awareness

This course will give learners an introduction and awareness of autism.  

Some of the topics covered in the modules are:

  • What is autism?
  • How common is autism?
  • What is Asperger syndrome?
  • What causes autism?
  • So how much do you know about autism?
  • The Autism Spectrum
  • The main challenges
  • Social communication
  • Body language, facial expressions and tone of voice
  • Sayings and phrases
  • Social interaction
  • Making friends
  • Social imagination
  • Mind blindness
  • Sensory issues
  • What does autism feel like?
  • Coping methods
  • Typical characteristics
  • Diagnosis of women
  • The strengths of autism

Practitioners will learn:

  • What autism is
  • What causes autism
  • About the autistic spectrum
  • What the three main challenges people with autism face
  • About the typical characteristics of individuals with autism
  • About the importance diagnosing autism
  • About the strengths and positives of having autism

Suitable for all those requiring an understanding of autism.