**Equality, Diversity & Inclusion**

This training session will examine:

  • requirements around equality and equity
  • what we mean by inclusion and representation 
  • how to ensure our settings and practice are truly reflective of the community we support
  • what unconscious bias means - how to recognise it and mitigate against it
  • how to work in an anti-discriminatory way that ensures all children are families are fully included and valued
  • how to develop an anti discriminatory and inclusive curriculum 
  • Ofsted's renewed focus on equalities and inclusion

By the end of the training you will:

  • be confident in recognising discriminatory and non inclusive practices
  • understand Ofsted and legal requirements around equality and inclusion 
  • have strategies to ensure recruitment processes identify and challenge bias  
  • have strategies to ensure your setting has robust and regular processes to reflect on anti-discriminatory values and practice

PVI & Childminders