Level 5 Restorative Approaches Programme Module 1 (Refresher route)

Restorative practices are increasingly being recognised as effective tools for repairing relationships that have been damaged through conflict and harm. Effective training in restorative facilitation is crucial to ensuring restorative processes delivered in any setting are safe, positive experiences for all involved. The Royal Borough of Greenwich has developed a unique Level 5 training programme, credit rated by the University of Greenwich, which combines three crucial elements of theory, practice and implementation to ensure the development of effective RA facilitators. The Level 5 programme consists of two 30 credit modules and Module 1 is focused on Theory and Implementation. This module will support practitioners to:

  • Develop a sound theoretical knowledge and understanding of restorative approaches
  • Consider successful strategies for implementing and sustaining restorative practice in their work settings/roles. 

Practitioners will:

  • develop their skills and knowledge in restorative practice and work towards a Level 5 University qualification

Settings will:

  • benefit from having staff with specialist skills and knowledge who can support an enhanced conciliatory culture across the setting

This Module 1 Refresher route has been specifically designed for participants who have already undertaken training in restorative facilitation (either a 3 or 4 day course) and have completed the necessary application form.

It is also available, at a reduced cost, to those that have recently completed the RBG Facilitator training.