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Assistive Technology Surgery

A drop-in session for practitioners using Assistive Technology (AT) to support learners wanting some advice with the use of programmes such as Clicker 8, Communicate in Print, and Microsoft learning tools. 

Practitioners will:

  • have increased awareness and confidence in using appropriate technologies to reduce barriers to learning, promote inclusion and independent learning to meet the needs of individuals

SENCOs, Class Teachers, and Teaching Assistants 

Steps to Success & Reassessment Surgery

A drop in session for staff who are delivering the Steps to Success phonic programme and completing reassessments. 

The session can be tailored to meet individuals needs and provide advice, support and resources.

Practitioners will:

  • have iIncreased confidence in using effective strategies to engage pupils and develop their language and reading

SENCOs, Class Teachers, and Teaching Assistants 

Down Syndrome Support Group: Handwriting and Assistive Technology

Training will include:

  • Learning about fine and gross motor skills
  • Mark making
  • Prewriting shapes
  • Letter formation
  • Assistive technology available to support handwriting/writing development

Pupils will:

  • benefit from carefully planned support tailored to meet individual needs 

Staff will:

  • have increased confidence to support pupils with their fine motor skills development and mark making with a view to developing their handwriting
  • have an understanding about the variety of assistive technology available to support handwriting/writing development

SENCOs, Teachers, and support staff supporting children with Down Syndrome

Using Visual Support for Pupils with an ASD

This session provides an introduction to visual support strategies including schedules and NOW/NEXT boards by using symbols to support the development of communication.

Pupils will:

  • be supported to develop communication skills using a symbol based system

Practitioners will:

  • have an in depth knowledge of how visual support can help children with an ASD to manage their learning environment

Settings will:

  • be supported by staff who are confident about the rationale and theory behind symbol based communication systems

Staff supporting pupils with an ASD in primary schools, SENCOs, Teachers & Teaching Assistants

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