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How to Support Children with an ASD in the Dinner Hall and Playground

This session will provide:

  • Practical strategies for supporting pupils with an ASD in unstructured times at school
  • Supporting the development of social interaction skills in the playground setting

Pupils will:

  • be supported by staff with appropriate strategies and support to assist their inclusion, interaction and access to all areas of the curriculum

Practitioners will:

  • have an understanding of autism and how it affects children and their families
  • be equipped with a range of strategies to support children with autism in the playground and dinner hall
  • be aware of the particular challenges (including sensory based issues) of the environment in the dinner hall and playground

Settings will:

  • be able to set up consistent ASD friendly approaches to the management of students in unstructured times
  • have staff who have a greater understanding of best practice in relation to children with autism as well as the sensory difficulties they experience which can affect their ability to be included in the playground and dinner hall

Mealtime Supervisors

New SENCO Induction Programme

A course to orientate SENCOs to Royal Greenwich systems and processes, to include:

  • The expectations of the graduated response and how to apply for an Early Health and Care assessment
  • Induction to Royal Greenwich services linked to SEND, to include Health as well as the voluntary sector
  • Assessing children at P-levels to support planning

Pupils will:

  • benefit from knowledgeable SENCOs who are aware of systems and processes in place to support them

Staff will:

  • be aware of all RBG services and systems

Settings will:

  • have SENCOs who are able to make referrals and provide a choice about appropriate services

SENCOs new to post in Greenwich, to include experienced SENCOs new to working in Greenwich schools.

Dyslexia Assessor Level 7 Diploma 'Updating Skills'

This course will provide attendees with the latest updates on current standardised tests, test procedures and reporting and provide an opportunity to discuss complex report profiles.

Pupils will:

  • have specific needs identified and learning personalised

Staff will:

  • make better informed assessment decisions and develop a network of local assessors

Establishments will:

  • develop experienced assessors of specific learning difficulties

Staff who have gained the OCR level 7 qualification ‘Assessing and Teaching Learners with Specific Learning Difficulties’

Phonics Programme 'STEPS to Success'

This course will enable all practitioners to deliver a structured, multi-sensory, and cumulative phonics literacy programme.

Training will include reading and spelling theory and principles of effective teaching within the programme.  It will also cover the reassessment process.

Pupils with barriers to learning will:

  • acquire phonic and spelling via a structured, cumulative, multi-sensory learning programme

Practitioners will:

  • benefit from training from experienced dyslexia specialist teachers and understand the best ways to improve reading and spelling outcomes

Settings will:

  • have staff who are trained to deliver a successful teaching programme. STEPS will observe the staff member teaching the programme if requested by school

Teaching Assistants, SENCOs and Parents

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