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Phonics Programme 'STEPS to Success'

This course will enable all practitioners to deliver a structured, multi-sensory, and cumulative phonics literacy programme.

Training will include reading and spelling theory and principles of effective teaching within the programme.  It will also cover the reassessment process.

Pupils with barriers to learning will:

  • acquire phonic and spelling via a structured, cumulative, multi-sensory learning programme

Practitioners will:

  • benefit from training from experienced dyslexia specialist teachers and understand the best ways to improve reading and spelling outcomes

Settings will:

  • have staff who are trained to deliver a successful teaching programme. STEPS will observe the staff member teaching the programme if requested by school

Teaching Assistants, SENCOs and Parents

SENCO Network Meeting

A networking session for SENCOs to share new developments in SEND. This session will provide support, information, advice and sign posting for SENCOs in mainstream schools in Royal Borough of Greenwich.

SENCOs will:

  • have access to up-to-date information on SEND developments that are taking place in Royal Greenwich
  • have access to specialist advice and support that supports working as a SENCO in mainstream school setting
  • have opportunities to network with other SENCOs in a similar role in schools in Royal Greenwich

Primary and Secondary SENCOs

100% of attendees to have completed feedback, would recommend this course.
Setting up a Sensory Programme for Pupils with an ASD in your School: To include sensory circuits and diets (Full Day)

This course supports staff in schools in supporting pupils with an ASD and sensory sensitivities, setting up interventions and supporting specialist Occupational Therapist programmes.

Pupils will:

  • be provided with appropriate strategies and support to assist their inclusion, interaction and access to all areas of the curriculum

Practitioners will:

  • be confident in understanding the sensory needs of pupils with an ASD
  • be able to set up and run a sensory circuit
  • be able to support a child with a sensory diet

Settings will:

  • have a range of experience staff in their school to support pupils with sensory needs as a part of their educational programme

Staff supporting pupils with an ASD in schools, SENCOs, Teachers & Teaching Assistants

Story Box Training

This course provides an overview of the story box programmes, which offer a story-based multisensory approach to the development of early reading and communication skills.  Some boxes also include a focus on early maths concepts and skills.  The boxes contain a large range of engaging resources.

This training course offers staff an opportunity to become familiar with the story box programmes and available resources, and prepares them to deliver these to groups of pupils.

Pupils will:

  • be able to develop their language, communication and early reading (and maths) skills through a structured, multisensory story based programme

Staff will:

  • feel confident about delivering story box programme to groups of children

SENCO's and Support Staff

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