School Exclusion Training for Governors

This session will increase governors knowledge, understanding and confidence about the exclusions process and their role in reviewing the headteacher’s decision to exclude.  Participants will become familiar with the most recent Department for Education Exclusions Guidance.

The session will consider the following:

  • What is an exclusion? 
  • What is a Governors’ role in reviewing exclusions?

This is a standalone session that is offered 3 times throughout the year.

Governors will:

  • be confident in their knowledge of the most recent DfE Exclusion Guidance
  • understand the exclusion process, including reviewing evidence presented by the headteachers
  • understand the Governor's role in the exclusion process

All Governors

Chairs' Training

This course will cover the effective management of the Governing Board’s work, including:

• Establishing professional and supportive senior managers
• Ensuring that all the meetings are run effectively
• Managing meeting and agenda settings
• Developing secure succession planning to ensure business continuity

Governors will:

  • be able to challenge school performance
  • be fully involved in school Improvement
  • ensure the whole Governing Board knows the school well
  • hold strategic and focussed meetings
  • ensure that the whole Governing Board becomes an effective and strategic group which robustly holds the school to account at all levels
  • be able to secure an effective professional relationship with leaders at all levels

All Chairs, Vice Chairs or Chairs of Committees including Prospective Chairs

100% of attendees to have completed feedback, would recommend this course.
Maintaining Governor Excellence Workshop

This course is aimed at governors who have served at least one full term of office (4 years) and will provide:

  • An overview of most recent statutory responsibilities
  • An overview of how to ensure that the school leadership including governance is fit for purpose and meets expectations from LA, DfE and stakeholders
  • An opportunity to revisit the basics of the role and responsibilities of governance

Governors will:

  •  have had an opportunity to update their understanding and implementation of all statutory duties
  •  have the confidence that the leadership of the school would be judged at least Good by the LA and OfSTED
  •  be secure in their knowledge of basic governance

All experienced Governors, including Chairs and Vice Chairs

100% of attendees to have completed feedback, would recommend this course.
Role of SEN Governor and Children Looked After (CLA) Governor

This course will investigate the specific and important role of the SEN and CLA governor ensuring:

  • The legal requirements are in place and are known and understood by all staff and adults working in your school 
  • All SEND and CLA pupils in their school are supported to reach their full potential
  • The SEND and CLA governors have the required skills to challenge: 
    • the outcomes of all SEND and CLA pupils in their school
    • the impact of SEND, CLA and higher needs income spending 

Governors will:

  • have a clear understanding of their role
  • have the knowledge and expertise to hold the school to account for ensuring that the policies and processes are in place and that they are being consistently applied
  • have a good understanding of what they should monitor and challenge and how that is reported back to the full Governing Board
  • have the knowledge to inform their Governing Boards of how the money for SEND and CLA pupils is spent and its impact

All Governors, but especially those with SEN responsibilities

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