Changing Landscape and Data: What questions do we need to ask?

During this session governors will have an opportunity to: 

  • Become familiar with interrogating data to support self evaluation and school improvement
  • Develop effective questioning approaches when discussing data with school leaders
  • Identify how data can be used in monitoring impact of school improvement priorities

Governors will develop strategies for:

  • interrogating school data
  • effective questioning of leaders based on data presented
  • identifying school improvement evidenced by in school data

All Royal Greenwich Primary School Governors (24th November 2022)

All Royal Greenwich Secondary School Governors (31st January 2023)

Safeguarding Training to Secure Compliance with KCSIE 2022

To support governors to meet the new expectations of KCSIE 22, by having a strategy to ensure:

  • practice reflects policy
  • safeguarding curriculum is in place (RSE), and it is robust and relevant
  • there are procedures in place to secure the safety of the students while online
  • site security
  • governor reports include the required information 
  • the role of the safeguarding governor
  • what to expect from the leadership of the school 

Governors will:

  • have a clear understanding of their strategic responsibilities

The governing board will:

  • be compliant with the expectation of KCSIE 22

All Governors

School Exclusion Training for Governors

This session will increase governors knowledge, understanding and confidence about the exclusions process and their role in reviewing the headteacher’s decision to exclude.  Participants will become familiar with the most recent Department for Education Exclusions Guidance.

The session will consider the following:

  • What is an exclusion? 
  • What is a Governors’ role in reviewing exclusions?

This is a standalone session that is offered 3 times throughout the year.

Governors will:

  • be confident in their knowledge of the most recent DfE Exclusion Guidance
  • understand the exclusion process, including reviewing evidence presented by the headteachers
  • understand the Governor's role in the exclusion process

All Governors

Complaints Training for Governors

The course will support Governors to understand their role in managing all complaints and concerns raised about their school. An effective complaints policy that is understood by the school community will help to ensure that any concerns or issues are dealt with effectively and a quick and positive outcome is secured.

This session will include:

  • An overview of policies and guidance
  • Application of the policy across the school community
  • Mechanisms to ensure all staff understand their role within the policy

Governors will:

  • have a good understanding of what a complaint is
  • be confident if asked to investigate a complaint on behalf of the governing board
  • be confident to serve on a complaints panel
  • have a whole school complaints policy which will ensure that all stakeholders are confident that their concerns or complaints will be dealt with sympathetically and fairly
  • confidentially manage any complaints against the governing board

All Governors

100% of attendees to have completed feedback, would recommend this course.
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