Induction for New Governors

This course provides an opportunity for Governors to develop a strong focus on the three core strategic functions below:

• Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
• Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils
• Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

Governors will:

  • have a clear understanding of the role for which they have volunteered 
  • become active participators and effective Governors as quickly as possible 
  • understand how to get to know their school and how to challenge
  • be confident when dealing with written information
  • be able to interrogate data
  • be confident in managing their accountability responsibilities

New or recently appointed/elected Governors

100% of attendees to have completed feedback, would recommend this course.
Chairs' Training

This course will cover the effective management of the Governing Board’s work, including:

• Establishing professional and supportive senior managers
• Ensuring that all the meetings are run effectively
• Managing meeting and agenda settings
• Developing secure succession planning to ensure business continuity

Governors will:

  • be able to challenge school performance
  • be fully involved in school Improvement
  • ensure the whole Governing Board knows the school well
  • hold strategic and focussed meetings
  • ensure that the whole Governing Board becomes an effective and strategic group which robustly holds the school to account at all levels
  • be able to secure an effective professional relationship with leaders at all levels

All Chairs, Vice Chairs or Chairs of Committees including Prospective Chairs

Safer Recruitment

This workshop is the Safer Recruitment Consortium accredited, updated version of the Safer Recruitment training for Headteachers, school Governors and other staff who are likely to sit on interview panels or appoint staff. 

It is still a requirement for every school appointments panel to include at least one member who has completed the Safer Recruitment training.

Course content provides clear explanations of government guidance regarding the safer recruitment process. It also includes an update of the most recent legislation changes (i.e. the Keeping Children Safe in Education – Sept 2021, DBS, Disqualification by Association and other pre-employment checks) that affect Safeguarding and Child Protection. 

It is recommended that you refresh your training every 5 years.

Pupils will:

  • be safer and have safeguarding needs met in a more appropriate and timely manner

Practitioners will:

  • have an awareness and understanding of offender behaviour
  • be able to identify the key features of staff recruitment that helps deter or prevent the appointment of unsuitable people
  • be able to consider policies and practices that minimise opportunities for abuse
  • begin to review their own and their settings policies and practices, with a view to making them safer

Settings will:

  • be safer organisations
  • comply with government guidance and legislation

All Headteachers, school Governors, Business Managers and other staff likely to sit on interview panels or administer staff appointment

100% of attendees to have completed feedback, would recommend this course.
The role of the Safeguarding Governor

This course will investigate the specific and important role of the Safeguarding Governor, to ensure: 

  • The legal requirements are in place and are known and understood by all staff and adults working in your school 
  • The expectations of OfSTED are being met and that governors can provide evidence of their compliance
  • The expectations from Keeping Children Safe in Education 2021 are fully understood and embedded

Governors will:

  • have a clear understanding of their role
  • have the knowledge and expertise to hold the school to account for ensuring that the policies and processes are in place and that they are being consistently applied
  • have a good understanding of what they should monitor and challenge and how that is reported back to the full Governing Board
  • be able to report on the staff’s understanding of their role in Keeping Children Safe in Education 2021

All Governors but especially those with Safeguarding responsibility

100% of attendees to have completed feedback, would recommend this course.
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