Private, Voluntary and Independent (PVI) and Childminders

*Paediatric 1st Aid
Dynamo Concise will provide the Level 3 course in partnership with Highfield (the awarding body). Their aim is to deliver top quality training services in Paediatric First Aid
  • Aims and principles of first aid.
  • Prevention of cross-infection during first aid procedures.
  • Basic life support (CPR).
  • Management of the unconscious casualty.
  • Assessment and treatment of a casualty who is wounded, bleeding or shocked.
  • How to deal with burns, poisoning and eye injuries.
  • Assessment and treatment of common major and minor illnesses, including fractures, dislocation, head injuries, epilepsy and diabetes.
  • Managing asthma attacks and choking.
  • Legal aspects of first aid at work – record keeping and use of equipment
PVIs and Childminders
*Managing Allegations
All providers need to be able to respond quickly and appropriately and to allegations, complaints and concerns against the setting, staff and other professionals in order to safeguard children
By the end of the course, you will

  • understand policy context and procedural arrangements for managing allegations against staff
  • learn from Serious Case Reviews
  • be clear about the thresholds and process of referral to LADO
  • understand your responsibilities and have clear guidance on what to do in event of an allegation
  • recognise and respond to indicators of abuse and neglect allegedly perpetrated by staff/ professionals
  • develop culture of safe working practice within work environment & minimise risk of allegations being made.
PVIs and Childminders
*Designated Safeguarding Person Lead Level 3
This course builds on Level 1 and 2 and will cover the role and responsibilities of the designated person, context, process and procedures, thresholds for intervention, how to respond to concerns and how to make your setting safer. It provides an update on the most recent legislation changes that affect Safeguarding and Child Protection.
By the end of the course, you will

  • understand the role and responsibilities of the Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • recognise need for collaborative work with other agencies to identify, assess and meet needs of children where there are safeguarding concerns
  • have awareness of impact of parenting issues, such as domestic abuse, substance misuse on parenting capacity.
  • recognise importance of family history and functioning in assessing risk
  • be able to work with children and family members to address safeguarding issues as appropriate
  • identify and address lack of co-operation /superficial compliance within the context of their role
PVIs and Childminders
*Intermediate Safeguarding Level 2
This is an essential course for childminders, room leaders, managers and Designated Safeguarding Leads. This course builds on the knowledge and explores complex issues around Safeguarding and Child Protection.

By the end of the course, you will

  • have explored ways of working with complex family situations
  • have increased awareness of specialist safeguarding issues such as domestic violence, FGM and substance misuse.
  • consider Serious Case Reviews in depth
  • recognise need for professional curiosity, proactive partnership working and ways of developing confidence in staff to be alert to the risks surrounding children.
  • know what makes a good quality referral to social care
  • update your knowledge of recent policy and legislative changes
PVIs and Childminders
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