SENCO Network Meeting

A networking session for SENCOs to share new developments in SEND. This session will provide support, information, advice and sign posting for SENCOs in mainstream schools in Royal Borough of Greenwich.

SENCOs will:

  • have access to up-to-date information on SEND developments that are taking place in Royal Greenwich
  • have access to specialist advice and support that supports working as a SENCO in mainstream school setting
  • have opportunities to network with other SENCOs in a similar role in schools in Royal Greenwich

Primary and Secondary SENCOs

100% of attendees to have completed feedback, would recommend this course.
Down Syndrome Training Day

Session One will include:

  • the Specific Learning Profile
  • pacing a lesson to maximise student engagement
  • differentiation strategies

Session Two will include:

  • planning for effective blended/home-learning
  • behaviour, self-esteem and supporting unstructured times

Pupils will:

  • benefit from carefully planned support tailored to meet individual need

Staff will:

  • have increased confidence to effectively implement strategies to support children with Down's

SENCOs, Teachers and Teaching Assistants supporting a child in school with Down's Syndrome

Using Visual Support for Pupils with an ASD

This session provides an introduction to visual support strategies including schedules and NOW/NEXT boards by using symbols to support the development of communication.

Pupils will:

  • be supported to develop communication skills using a symbol based system

Practitioners will:

  • have an in depth knowledge of how visual support can help children with an ASD to manage their learning environment

Settings will:

  • be supported by staff who are confident about the rationale and theory behind symbol based communication systems

Staff supporting pupils with an ASD in primary schools, SENCOs, Teachers & Teaching Assistants

'WORD UP' Approach

The Word Up approach is suitable for children working significantly below the Key Stage standards and not responding successfully to the traditional 'synthetic phonics' methods. This is a whole word reading and language development approach, particularly suitable for children who are visual learners.


  • with visual strengths, but difficulties with the 'synthetic phonics' approach, will have access to an alternative approach to reading

Staff will:

  • understand why a whole word approach to reading may be more effective for some pupils
  • know how to deliver Word Up style activities

SENCOs, Teachers and Teaching Assistants

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