Assistive technology for inclusive literacy learning - Introduction

Provides an overview of what assistive technology is, who it is suitable for and how it will benefit learners with literacy difficulties and/or complex needs. 

A range of low, mid and high technologies will be showcased with opportunities to familiarise yourself with easily accessible in-built functions across a range of devices and the following tools: Communicate in Print, Clicker, Special iApps, Office Lens, Microsoft learning tools and Reading Pens.  

Increased awareness and confidence in selecting appropriate technologies to reduce barriers to learning, promote inclusion and independent learning to meet the needs of individual learners. 

SENCOs, Class Teachers, Teaching Assistants 

Assistive technology for inclusive literacy learning - Practical

A practical workshop with the opportunity to use Clicker and Communicate In Print to make your own resources for use in school.

Please note attendees will need to bring a laptop with Clicker and Communicate In Print installed for use.  

Please contact STEPS if you do not have these programmes available.

Increased awareness and confidence in using appropriate technologies to reduce barriers to learning, promote inclusion and independent learning to meet the needs of individual.

SENCOs, Class Teachers, Teaching Assistants

The National Award for Special Educational Needs (SEN) Coordination (NASENCO) - Greenwich Cohort

Key elements of the programme:

  • Two masters level modules, each of which is worth 30 credits
  • Tutor support - following an initial needs analysis, your tutor will assist you in preparing your own learning programme and supports you throughout the programme
  • An interactive session with your tutor and learning group at the start of each module 
  • Online support - discussion groups, networking and seminars
  • Five visits to other workplaces to gain first-hand experience of provision in other settings
  • Mentor support - from within your school or an experienced SENCO
  • Peer support - from within your own cohort, arranged by the tutor
  • Professional development portfolio - to record evidence of learning and experience

Each module starts with a face-to-face session (at the PDC) and is assessed through written assignments. 

On completion, students will receive a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (SEN) from the University of Hertfordshire and the National Award in SEN Coordination (NASENCO).*

*Students must hold QTS to be eligible to receive a NASENCO certificate.

Programme Structure:
Module One: The SENCO: Policy into Practice (30 credits)

This module includes units about:

  • Perspectives on SEN and Inclusion
  • Conflicts and values in SEN, including language, terminology
  • Political context (legislation, how this links to their local authority such as the Local offer)
  • Consultation and participation (active participation, inclusion or integration)
  • Identifying needs and barriers to learning (including some impairment specific material)
  • Access, ability and the impact of labels, achievement and attainment within the current system

Module Two: The SENCO: Leading on Inclusion  (30 credits) 
This module includes units about:

  • Leadership and management in special and inclusive education
  • Implications for whole school development of inclusion (where are you on this journey?)
  • The role of leadership, the SMT, staff and governors (ethos, future steps etc.)
  • The role of support staff; pupil voice and parental participation
  • Improving outcomes and school wide developments (including preparation for inspection)
  • Pastoral provision and the whole school community, including exclusions
  • Multi-agency working and special and alternative provision within inclusion
  • Leading change and supporting professional development


  • Will have knowledgeable SENCOs who are becoming fully trained in their role


  • Will be learning and growing in their role to become fully qualified


  • Will have fully qualified staff

SENCOs and Aspiring SENCOs 

Note: to gain the National Award for SEN Coordination, applicants must have Qualified Teacher Status (QTS, QTLS or EYTS, including completion of the NQT year).  Please complete the application form and submit to

If you are not a qualified teacher then you may still be eligible to join the programme and receive a Post Graduate Certificate which equates to 60 credits towards your Master's qualification upon successful completion.

Story/Maths Box Courses

This course provides an overview of the story box programmes which offer a story based multisensory approach to the development of early reading and communication skills. Some boxes also include a focus on early maths concepts and skills. The boxes contain a large range of engaging resources.

This training course offers staff an opportunity to become familiar with the story box programmes and available resources and prepares them to deliver these to groups of pupils.

Pupils will:

  • be able to develop their language, communication and early reading (and maths) skills through a structured, multisensory story based programme

Staff will:

  • feel confident about delivering story box programme to groups of children

SENCOs and Support Staff

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