Support Staff

Down Syndrome Training Day

Session One will include:

  • the Specific Learning Profile
  • pacing a lesson to maximise student engagement
  • differentiation strategies

Session Two will include:

  • planning for effective blended/home-learning
  • behaviour, self-esteem and supporting unstructured times

Pupils will:

  • benefit from carefully planned support tailored to meet individual need

Staff will:

  • have increased confidence to effectively implement strategies to support children with Down's

SENCOs, Teachers and Teaching Assistants supporting a child in school with Down's Syndrome

Story/Maths Box Courses

This course provides an overview of the story box programmes which offer a story based multisensory approach to the development of early reading and communication skills. Some boxes also include a focus on early maths concepts and skills. The boxes contain a large range of engaging resources.

This training course offers staff an opportunity to become familiar with the story box programmes and available resources and prepares them to deliver these to groups of pupils.

Pupils will:

  • be able to develop their language, communication and early reading (and maths) skills through a structured, multisensory story based programme

Staff will:

  • feel confident about delivering story box programme to groups of children

SENCOs and Support Staff

Twilight SENCO Support Session

A series of twilight SENCO support sessions, with topics to be decided by the SENCO Network meeting.

These sessions are designed to support SENCOs with topical issues and share good practice across schools/settings.

These sessions will disseminate advice and support benefit to all school SENCOs with follow-up workshop style sessions in the implementation of new initiatives.

Pupils will:

  • have knowledgeable SENCOs who are aware of the systems and processes in place to support them

Staff will:

  • have access to immediate support and training on issues arising in practice or via network meetings in addition to access to specialist advice and support that supports working as a mainstream school SENCO

Teaching Assistants & SENCOs

School Business Managers’ Network Meeting

Guest speakers are invited to each session to focus on a particular area of interest previously identified by the group.

Recent sessions have included Managing Well Being in Schools and Developing the School Business Manager role. Relevant updates are also provided from departments within the Royal Borough of Greenwich, such as Human Resources, Payroll and Finance.

Pupils will:

  • attend a school which is effectively resourced

SBMs will:

  • hear from various experts on whichever areas of their work are identified
  • have the opportunity to share best practice, helping them to develop their own practice in school
  • form links and collaborate, ensuring SBMs are more effective in their role

Settings will:

  • have more effective and robust systems in place as a result of SBMs reflecting on models of good practice

School Business Managers

82% of attendees to have completed feedback, would recommend this course.
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