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School Business Managers’ Network

Guest speakers are invited to each session to focus on a particular area of interest previously identified by the group.

Recent sessions have included Managing Well Being in Schools and Developing the School Business Manager role. Relevant updates are also provided from departments within the Royal Borough of Greenwich, such as Human Resources, Payroll and Finance.


  • Will attend a school which is effectively resourced


  • Will hear from various experts on whichever areas of their work are identified
  • Will have the opportunity to share best practice, helping them to develop their own practice in school
  • Will form links and collaborate, ensuring SBMs are more effective in their role


  • Will have more effective and robust systems in place as a result of SBMs reflecting on models of good practice

School Business Managers

Understanding the Governors role in Headteacher Performance Management and The Pay Committee

"This course will provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the statutory requirements for Headteacher Performance Management and will include:

  • Overview of statutory guidance
  • Organisational details of the Headteacher Performance Management process, including the role of the external advisor and the requirements for target reviews
  • Exploration of best practice target setting including how these should link to the school priorities, outcomes for students  and mental health and well being
  • Information on actions following Headteacher Performance Management reviews and the role of the Pay Committee in this process

The Pay and Pay Appeals Committees are statutory committees and are responsible for all pay decisions outside of the cost of living increases. The committees must be agreed by the governing board who will delegate the role to the named governors serving on the committees.

Attendance at this session will enable participants to: 

  • Understand the importance of comparing evidence provided against the expectations of the School’s Pay Policy and the School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document
  • Evaluate the evidence provided by the Headteacher and how to use it to make strategic decisions on teacher’s pay
  • Be clear on the type of evidence expected for a request to move through the Threshold or Upper Pay Scale
  • Be confident when challenging requests for pay increases and have a clear rationale for any pay increase refusals
  • This course will reflect the statutory requirements for maintained schools in relation to Headteacher Performance Management, which is recommended best practice for all schools to follow.

  • Will be confident in setting challenging and aspirational targets for the Headteacher
  • Will be able to ensure that the targets are reviewed regularly
  • Will have the confidence to challenge the senior leadership to evidence that performance management targets have been set for all staff and that they are impacting on outcomes for pupils
  • Understand their statutory role in making pay decisions for all teaching staff 
  • Be confident to ask challenging questions regarding evidence provided
  • Be able to ensure pay decisions are managed fairly and in line with the expectations of the school’s Pay Policy and the School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document

All Governors

Arts Award Discover and Explore Adviser Training

Discover and Explore are the first two levels of the Arts Award suite of qualifications which children and young people can work towards between the ages of 5 and 25. This course will give you the knowledge and skills to run Arts Award in your setting, including the assessment of log books.

You will have the opportunity to meet other professionals who are planning to run Arts Award and collect your Discover & Explore adviser toolkit, which details what is required at each level and find out how Arts Award could work for you in your particular setting.

  • Teachers will become familiar with the assessment criteria and framework for the Discover and Explore levels of Arts Award
  • learn how to be the primary assessor for young people's Arts Award work
  • Find out about the Arts Award Local Area Network and what is happening in Greenwich
  • learn what happens next and how to move forward with Arts Award
Key Stage 1 and 2 Teachers, Subject Leads, Curriculum Leads.
Clinical Practice and Consultation Supervision for Learning Mentors and other Pastoral Staff
Staff continue to feedback the benefits of clinical supervision support provided, this includes:

  • Opportunity to share common concerns
  • Opportunity to support others in similar roles
  • Opportunity to tap into ideas, expertise and experience of others
  • Opportunity to reflect positively and safely
  • Providing personal & professional development
The sessions also model a framework for supervision that will support Learning Mentors and pastoral staff to work effectively with their students.

The sessions for current year will be facilitated by an experienced Specialised Clinical Social Worker from the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) Early Intervention Team, who is a member of the CAMHS Family Therapy clinic and has a specific responsibility for supporting the work of front line professionals in Children’s Services.
To ensure sessions are beneficial and effective, supervision will take place within small groups, with no more than 8 participants. Places must be confirmed.
  • Will be safeguarded and supported by confident staff whose practice is safe and reflective
  • Will feel supported and have a safe space to discuss concerns, development needs and strategies
  • Will have staff who are equipped to carry out their roles in a safe and professional manner
Learning Mentors and other pastoral staff
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