Performance Analysis Service (PAS)

The Performance Analysis Service (PAS) are the central point of data analysis and performance reporting within Children’s Services. The service has a history of working in strong partnership with schools and other services within Royal Greenwich to help support the continued raising of standards and achieving the very best outcomes for children and young people.

We are responsible for statutory data reporting in relation to the termly school census and submission of early years and primary assessment data. We undertake a range of detailed analysis of assessment data and offer a variety of analysis packs and services to schools.

We offer a core service to all schools with additional support and packages available as part of a service agreement.

The information below sets out the offer from our service, however in the absence of usual summer assessment processes, we are not in a position to deliver most of this for 2021/2022 SLA year (which would cover summer 2021).

Academy/Free schools seeking support with the school census returns can still sign up for this service and we remain here to work with any schools that need support with any internal assessment/data processes you may be undertaking.

Please get in touch if you wish to discuss your needs and we can advise as to ad-hoc charges in that regard.

Thank you and here's to hopefully being back to business as usual for summer 2022.


Our core offer
  • School census - we provide advice to all schools, both in terms of written guidance and telephone support. Maintained schools submit their census via Royal Greenwich and PAS complete data validation checks and work with schools to clear any errors and queries. We do not have access to the returns of academy/free schools, however please see our census checking service to see how we can support you beyond the general advice offer
  • Submission of statutory assessment - we provide guidance to all schools to support submission of EYFSP, phonics, KS1 and KS2 data during the summer term
  • In year/bespoke assessment advice - schools that purchase the PAS school analysis packs can contact the service at any time during the year to seek advice as to the best use and interpretation of their assessment data. This may be in terms of understanding how best to use their analysis packs or guidance as part of Ofsted preparation
Primary Schools analysis package consisting of:
  • One-page results summary
  • EYFSP analysis pack
  • Phonics analysis pack
  • Key Stage 1 analysis pack
  • Key Stage 2 analysis pack
  • Pupil premium gap analysis

Secondary Schools - data analysis and support:
  • One-page results summary
  • Key Stage 4 analysis pack
  • Key Stage 5 pack (as applicable)
  • Bespoke performance analysis (up to one day)

Special schools

We are happy to provide analysis support to our special schools however there is no 'standard' product that would meet the needs of all. Schools can contact us to discuss their specific requirements and we will tailor a package to suit. For example, attendance or persistent absence analysis.

School Census Checking for Academies and Free Schools
  • Royal Greenwich does not have access to the school census data for these schools during the submission period so cannot support with data checking or validation
  • Schools can grant access to Royal Greenwich if support is wanted; schools can opt for all terms or just specific terms

Ad hoc services and support include:
  • Analyse School Performance training in school
  • Bespoke data analysis
  • MAT level analysis


Where schools buying into our analysis packs are part of a MAT and not all schools in the MAT are buying in, we ask that the contents of our analysis packs are not shared across the MAT as this would be unfair on schools that buy into our services.

Cost for primary schools
Provisional versions of the one-page summary and packs are released as data becomes available, followed by final versions once all data is confirmed.

  • £850 for 1 - 1.5 form entry schools
  • £1,100 for 2+ form entry schools

*The one-page summary and the pupil premium gap analysis can be purchased as stand-alone items @ £150 each.

Cost for secondary schools

  • £1,500 for schools without a sixth form
  • £1,800 for schools with a sixth form

Cost for special schools
Agreed on a case-by-case basis, but a daily rate of £350 is the starting point. For example, a package that takes a day to produce would be £350

School Census checking for academies and free schools

  • Primary and special schools - £100 per term
  • Secondary schools - £250 per term


Joanne Burgess
Head of Performance Analysis Service
020 8921 3579
Tiarnan Doherty
Performance Analysis Team Leader
020 8921 6678