Teach in Royal Greenwich: The place to learn, belong, grow and achieve

With our outcomes for children and young people improving each year, Royal Greenwich is a great place to grow up, work and visit. We know teachers can transform lives and whatever their background, we want every child, living in this Royal Borough in a fantastic capital city, to be able to take full advantage of the opportunities available on their doorstep, and we're looking for great new teachers to show them how.

  Our Royal Borough

We are proud to be part of the undisputed centre of the world - London. The Royal Borough of Greenwich is a diverse borough of contrasts; the Eastern and Western hemispheres meet. See the vibrancy and beauty that is offered, where royal heritage sits next to contemporary architecture, areas of deprivation are nestled in amongst areas of affluence and green, open spaces sit next to the hustle and bustle of shopping, cultural and business centres. Working and living in Royal Greenwich can be your reality, a place where we can all learn, belong, grow and achieve.

  Our Schools

Royal Greenwich schools are vibrant and stimulating settings for our growing young population, where our cultural diversity is celebrated.  We believe that all children are entitled to be happy and enjoy a fulfilling and challenging education. We are determined to give them the best possible start in life and we know that a good education is the key to improving life chances.

One of the most important resources for our pupils is their teachers! This is why we are determined to support and encourage you and your career development every step of the way. For us, children always come first.

 Join Us!

Once ECTs start teaching here, they stay here.

Our schools each advertise their own vacancies.  Click below to find a list of all the schools (including Academies and Free Schools) in Royal Greenwich.

You may like to view the website of any schools you are interested in teaching in, to view any current vacancies.  Our schools may also post vacancies in the following places:

Schools may also post their vacancies on the relevant partnership or Diocese Board websites

  Your Starting Salary

Royal Greenwich teachers' salaries are on the Inner London Pay Scale. As a newly-qualified teacher, you will usually start on the first point of the main pay scale (M1). For September 2021 this was £32,157. Depending on your school's individual pay policy, any previous work experience may be taken into account in determining a higher starting point.

  Pension Contribution

Once you are in permanent employment, you will automatically be entered into the Teachers' Pension Scheme. For more details, please visit Teachers' Pensions

  Considerations when Looking for Your First Post

Length of commute

Your ECT period will be a busy time for you. You should carefully consider how you will travel to your school and the length of time this will take at the times of day you will be travelling. Be realistic about the time you are prepared to spend commuting each day.

The type of school you want to work in

There are a number of school types and criteria you need to consider:

  • Number of form entry
  • Mixed or single-gender
  • Challenging and the level of challenge
  • Ofsted rating
  • Whether the school is a maintained, academy, free school or an independent school
  • Secondary with KS5 provision

Have you researched the schools you are interested in?

Find a school that suits you, where you see yourself working, so make sure that you look at the school website, make yourself aware of the school's ethos and values, read the Ofsted report, read the school prospectus, and take note of the date of the last report as the school may have altered since its last inspection. You can also look up the school on the DfE website to gain an overview of its performance.

  Applying for a Job

Please read job advertisements carefully and make notes of how and when they are asking you to apply. Please ensure that you have regarded the closing date and time.


Claire Ramadan
Schools Recruitment Manager
020 8921 5560

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