Direct Services to Schools

Schools Accounting Bursarial Service

The Schools Accounting Bursarial Service provides a flexible package, designed to meet the specific needs of your school. A bespoke service can also be considered.

Our specialist team of officers maintains an up-to-date knowledge of both DfE and Local Authority financial requirements and regulations. This enables the provision of detailed, high quality financial management reports, promotes effective management of resources, and reduces risk of budget deficits.


Schools may buy into a level of support that is appropriate to their needs on a tiered basis. There are 2 main aspects of the service:
  • Financial Management 
  • Financial Admin support
Details of levels of service for Financial Management and Financial Admin can both be found here.

Financial Management

Supporting schools in:

  • Salary forecasts using scenario building software
  • Three to five year budget build or preparation
  • Termly detailed monitoring reports (presented to the Finance Committee, if required). A minimum of 3 weeks notice is required

Financial Administration

On-site visits (maximum of 3 hours), to provide support for school finance staff, including:

  • Completion of monthly finance tasks
  • Updating and maintaining finance data held on the school financial system
  • Financial year end closure of accounts
  • Completion of the school’s Consistent Financial Reporting (CFR) return

Consultancy/Ad-hoc Service

The schools accounting team are continuing to evolve new product lines which schools may wish to purchase on an ad-hoc basis. Examples include:

  • Introduction for new SAOs/ SBMs – half day session
  • Pre Audit – half day session
  • One to two forms of entry - daily rate to be confirmed
  • Three plus forms of entry - daily rate to be confirmed


Costs are offered on a tiered basis, to reflect the degree of support required, and therefore the price payable reflects this. 

Details of costs can be found here.

Please contact our team using the details below, should you wish to discuss. 


Ann Cavender
Bursarial Team Manager
020 8921 5540
Janet Davis
Principal Accountant - Schools
020 8921 8294