Educational Psychology Service


How can we help you?

We offer the full range of educational psychology services with areas of specialism including:

  • Autistic spectrum disorders
  • Literacy, including dyslexia
  • Learning difficulties
  • Behaviour
  • Social, emotional and mental health needs
  • Early years
  • Supervision and coaching
  • Multi-family groups
  • Organisational consultancy
  • Cognitive behavioural approaches
  • Video interaction guidance
  • Person-centred planning


Providing consultation, assessment and intervention to help schools achieve the very best outcomes for pupils with SEND, those at risk of exclusion and those whose life chances are impaired as a result of social and emotional deprivation

Workforce Development

Providing coaching, supervision and a range of development programmes to work with staff on challenging aspects of their work roles to help improve performance


Designing bespoke programmes that meet your needs, helping you to apply the learning to improve your practice and evaluate its impact

Whole School

Working with Leadership teams to manage organisational change processes, to support staff through transition. In particular, managing the emotional dynamics that resist change

Parent & carers
  • Workshops, groups and drop-ins for parents and carers
  • Strengthening home-school relationships and parental engagement
  • Video interaction guidance to promote positive parenting and children's social and emotional development
  • Multi-family groups offer positive evidence-based support to groups of selected families in similar situations (for example, families that include a child with special needs). The groups usually take place weekly, or fortnightly in a school setting over one term. They are facilitated by an Educational Psychologist to enable the families and schools to understand behaviours and bring about positive change


Costs are based on a half-day session on site (minimum 3 hours) inclusive of all necessary follow up work, which includes: liaison with other professionals, TAC meetings, Child in Need (CIN), Child Protection (CP) and Children in our Care reviews, administration, data analysis and interpretation, research and report writing.

The cost for the 2021 financial year is £475 per visit.


Michael Sutoris
Principal Educational Psychologist
020 8921 4818