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School Improvement Service: Governor Services

Governor Services provide high quality professional clerking, crucial to the effective functioning of governing boards.   

The Governor Services team help governing boards to understand their role, function and the legal duties of school leadership and management.


Clerking, advice and training September 2024 - August 2025:
  • The clerking of 3 full governing board meetings - involving planning and preparation of agendas, electronic distribution of papers and production of minutes
  • Updates for the governing board on national and local issues through the production and circulation of a half-termly information paper
  • Regular Ofsted preparation and process reminder and updates (A comprehensive Governing Board Ofsted Inspection Preparation support service is also available)
  • Advice on governors’ attendance/continued membership of the governing board
  • Support with the development of the governing board's strategic plan, including a meeting with the headteacher and chair of governors at the end of the summer term, where requested
  • Advice, support, and updates on all legal aspects of governance, including pupil discipline committees, staff discipline committees and complaints.  Further details on these are provided below
  • Termly, targeted briefing provided by the clerk at the start of each full governing board meeting
  • Supply and analysis of the governing board skills audit
  • Attendance for any Governor at all of the Royal Greenwich Governor Services CPD throughout the year.  All sessions will support Governors in their statutory duties as well as preparation for Ofsted inspections
  • Ongoing telephone and email support for the school and Governors on any Governance matter

Schools can choose to add to the offer above and commission the clerking service for a set number of additional committee/governor meetings for the academic year.  This option provides schools with a 10% discount on the total cost of additional meetings commissioned for the academic year.  

There is also the flexibility to commission the clerking service for individual additional committee/governor meetings.

Panel Hearings, Complaints and Investigations

The Governor Services team also offer support to schools for panel hearings, complaints and investigations.  

Full details of all support options and associated costs are available in the service specification download at the end of this page.


  • Clerking, advice and training: £3,400 (Royal Greenwich schools) £3,740 (non-Royal Greenwich schools)
  • Advice and guidance:  £850 (Royal Greenwich schools) £935 (non-Royal Greenwich schools)*

*This support can be purchased where the school has an independent clerk

  • Additional meetings package: Available to purchase with the Clerking, Advice and Training package and available in packages of up to 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 13, 18 and 22 meetings.  Costs are equivalent of £225 per meeting (Royal Greenwich schools)/£250 per meeting (Non-Royal Greenwich schools) assuming maximum number in package bought completed
  • Panel hearings, complaints, and investigations: All support is charged on a daily rate basis.  £250 per day (Royal Greenwich schools) / £275 per day (Non-Royal Greenwich schools)
  • Governing Board Ofsted Inspection Preparation: For full details, please download the Governing Board Ofsted Inspection Preparation service specification document at the end of this page.
    • Training session 1 - £175 (Royal Greenwich schools) / £193 (Non-Royal Greenwich schools) payable in advance
    • Training session 2 - £175 (Royal Greenwich schools) / £193 (Non-Royal Greenwich schools) payable on delivery
    • Ofsted Grab Pack - £50 (Royal Greenwich schools) / £55 (Non-Royal Greenwich schools) 
  • Two-hour bespoke training: £250 (Royal Greenwich schools)/£275 (Non-Royal Greenwich schools)
  • Clerking of extra meeting (when not purchased as package): £250 per meeting (Royal Greenwich schools)/£275 per meeting (Non-Royal Greenwich schools)
  • Review of governance: £480 (Royal Greenwich schools)/£528 (Non-Royal Greenwich schools)
  • Academy Trusts - advice and support for delivering the statutory role of the Trustees including clerking meetings.  Please contact us for a bespoke package that can be tailored to Academy Trust requirements
  • Training services: If a school does not buy into the standard package and a governor would like to attend a training course, the following charges would apply.  Charges are per individual. 
    • Training sessions of 1.5 to 3 hours - £50 (Royal Greenwich schools) £70 (non-Royal Greenwich schools)
    • Full-day training session - £125 (Royal Greenwich schools) £155 (non-Royal Greenwich schools)

Where a school has an independent clerk, please contact Governor Services so a bespoke package of support can be tailored to your needs.

Service Specifications

Governor Service - Standard Packages
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Ofsted Inspection Prep Support Service
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